what we do


Education and knowledge associated with empowerment such that social injustices cannot be tolerated.

The poor and ignorant people may have all sorts of injustices forced down their throats. The rights of the poor can almost always be trampled upon with impunity. With education comes the enforcement of human rights. Formal education has been described as “medication” against fatalism

We are non-profit organization that is helping out-of-school children back to school by offering them scholarship and also enable them further their education, and stop the rising tide of out-of-school children to continue constitutes a menace to the society.


Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition is one of the important areas of concern. Health is the condition of the body and the degree to which it is free from illness and state of being well). Issues in primary health care are paramount.

Nutrition also is necessary and food substances are needed for life and growth.


The Compassion Community Care Development Foundation in its efforts to improve health care delivery in the communities has adopted the building of community hospitals, deployment of modern medical technology to strengthen effectiveness and efficiency of its services.

We want to establish Community Based Health Insurance Scheme. The aim is to provide integrated free primary health care services to the rural lowest poor communities particularly those in remote and difficult to reach settlements.

Poverty Alleviation and Youth Empowerment Programme

worth living for vulnerable in many communities. Thus, bringing more joy, hope, and better future for all in our society.


Our organization created livelihood Empowerment program against poverty  namely,

  • Sustainable micro- businesses
  • Direct payment to those who cannot work in line with national framework (Goals 1-6).
  • Investment in Agricultural produce and skill development.
  • Women economic/youth skills empowerment, project SDGs Goals1-6. we created Agricultural cooperative, known as Sustainable green development women and youths(SGDWY) to provide support to rural communities.
  • Education, training, and medical subsidies.

Our Non-profit organization offers opportunities to the youths, to build desired skill capabilities and enhance their employability into a globally competitive and rapidly modernizing labor market. The specific aim of the Skills Initiative program is to create a positive outlook and future through increased employment and income opportunities for young people in the communities.

Skill Acquisition and Training

We provide support and empower the less privilege in the society through skill acquisition, entrepreneurship development skills and wealth creation program known as

Home for the elderly and Orphanage

We are proposing building homes for the aged and orphanages in different rural communities and provision of social amenities, quality medical and emotional care to improve their well being.

Climate Change

We advocate climate change issues in the rural communities, climate change is everyone’s responsibility Climate change is a greatest threat to global health in the 21st century according to world health organization. Climate change poses challenges to many communities in Nigeria. We created what is called

Gender Equality and Equity

We are advocating gender equality, protecting the right of the girl child and widows in the communities. Our organization, creates awareness for reproductive health and right for adolescents and women. We also encourage the education of the girl child.

Green Technology initiative

Our Non- profit organization are promoting green development and green society. We advocate reduction of environmental pollution, promotion of sustainable consumption including providing information on how to use and categories plastics, reduction of food waste and recycling of organic waste to generate clean energy and reduce household air pollution.

We raise awareness of low carbon consumption among many communities, enhanced prospect and engagement of women, girls, and youths in the development process of the country through green growth technology initiatives such as:

  • Home Bio-gas production system
  • Water Treatment Technology
  • Drip irrigation System
  • Food Packaging with green leaves
  • Banana stem-tubers paper bags

Door of return to the motherland

The door of return to motherland is a special rehabilitative program designed particularly for African Americans and other people who might want to participate to change their life style for better family oriented structure. What is involved is job training and discovery of individual talents that will be beneficial to their communities.

The rehabilitative program is created to connect people back to African culture, relate and associate with people, environment, and natural land.

Cultural Exchange program

We promote cultural heritage and speaking of native language, encouraging parents to nurture their children with their native language before introducing them with other languages.

we are organizing and hosting yearly community carnival events which brings together both the young and old globally and exposing the youth to arts and crafts to inspire learning.